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Create sports opportunity for every people with visual impairments.


IBSA Asia's Mission is towards improving the quality of life of people with visual impairments by promoting and renewing sports , providing equal rights and opportunities for them to participate in activities and competitions.

We will do this by: 

• Building collaborations with IBSA, federations and sports committees ; 

• Implementing and coordinating programs that cause the development and growth     of a support system for all athletes; 

• Actively listening to the input of athletes,coahes,referees; 

• Delivering on commitments


  • Equality - We preserve the equality of our members,communicate and encourage every blind and partially sighted people join the blind sports family. 
  • Commitment - Our four years stragety represents a journey of continuous improvement – an ongoing process to secure active programs. 
  • Teamwork - We value and respect every people we meet,work with. We embrace our diversity appears on body and mind as a key driver of our success of blind sports in the future. 
  • Excellence - We execute with excellence in everything we do. We continuously develop our skills and improve our performance and facilicites.