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China Scored Both Gold Medal in 2018 Hangzhou International Goalball Invitational Tournament
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2018 Hangzhou International Goalball Tournament was held in China national disabled person's training center on 17th - 19th April.The eight teams from China,Korea,Israel and Mongolia participated in this competition.China scored both Gold medal after three days of heated competition.

In the final match against Korea, the Chinese men's team created several scoring opportunity to win the men's championship with a big lead.And for the women's team, the Chinese women's team won the champion with tacit cooperation and superb skill. The coach of women's team ,Mr.Zhang said ,this tournament was kind of a warm-up match before the Goalball World Championships in Sweden, so all the players were well preapared and took up the challenge.Both China Men and Women had a lot to smile about at the end of this tournament finals, as the teams grabbed the first position in this tournament. 

According to the IBSA Goalball committee,new goalball rules(2018-2021) has to be used in each competition since 2018.So this tournament was not only a chance to all the participating teams to familiar with the new rules, but also provided asian  international referees with a training and recertificated opportunity. Mr. Kari, Chairman of the IBSA Goalball Committee ,came to Hangzhou specially as the conductor of the international referee recertification by way of  a range of lectures and practicals.

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