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China held first national level Showdown Traning Course & Competition
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China first national Showdown Training Course & Competition took place between 24-25th August in Jiangsu Province,attracting more than ninety people with visual impairments join this event,as well as teachers from blind school or chairs of Accosication for the Blind of many provinces or cities.

This event host by China Disabled Person's Federation,spnsored by China Asscociation for the Blind and Jiangsu Association for the Blind,Co-Organized by Jiangsu Taizhou Disabled Person's Federation,Jiangsu Taixing Disabled Person's Federation and Hangzhou Parasports Company.Mr.Kevin Tu,Chairman of IBSA Asia,was specially invited to the event as the Showdown Conductor to give people speech about the orgin and development of Showdown as well as some basic rules.

On August 24th,this event was declared opened by President of Jiangsu Association For the Blind Mr.Feng Hongnian,and then Mr. Li Qingzhong,the board member of China Disabled Person's Federation,Mr. Kevin,our chairman of IBSA Asia , Mr.Teng Weimin,the vice president of China Paralympic Association and some leaders form Taizhou,Taixing Disabled Person's Federation delivered speeches.

After the opening ceremony,Mr.Kevin gave an introduction about Showdown,including how the sport start,the competiton system now and how it influnce all the athletes in every way.After Kevin's speech,we here escpeically intoduced the other invited professor in the blind sport,Mr.Feng Xijie.Mr.Feng has been teaching Blind sport teachers in Beijing Union university for over 35 years.He has support a lot in promoting Showdown in China,teaching students by his unique and infecious way.Every one in the room really enjoyed his speech and could not wait to playShowdown.

In the afternoon,all the VI people  started to learn how to play showdown after Mr.Feng's brief demonstration according to basic rules.Then they were divided into three groups with 1 v 1 practice and competition.Everybody has fighted for the champion with their determination.

After two day's of learning and practing,we heard really good feedback from VI people.They said there was not much they could do everyday,sometimes they just listen to the news on the phone ,televison or chat with some friends normally.Most of them can't paly Goalball or other blind sports because of body condition.So what they looking for is a sport like Showdown."Simple and Charming",said one of the them,"we are having fun". Fun is a word they couldn't have much time of the life,but what we doing and trying have made them know what ezactly fun is.

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